Are you looking for a Cattery in the South Auckland / Waikato area that other pet owners recommend?

Why not come to Allbreeds Paws & Claws!

Allbreeds is  the best cattery Auckland/ Waikato has to offer. we offer  premium service to ensure your furry friends are well looked after. Each cat has their own spacious 1 metre x 1 metre run so they can relax in peace.  You are welcome bring their own bedding and toys if you wish. There are two family units that can accommodate 3 – 4 cats from the same family.

Every cat gets a chance to stroll around the cattery if they choose and spend time in the ‘catservatory’ where they can climb, stretch or laze in the sun and watch the world go by.

Please feel free to discuss any special requirements your cat may require e.g. medication,
food your cats stay in our cattery will be seem less.

All cats are required to have their vaccinations current and proof of this must
be presented prior to admittance.

 Inspections of our cattery Welcome